T100 Recipes from the grandest little bakehouse in town

Sweet Envy is an old fashioned sweet parlour, cake shop and bakehouse

rolled into one destination of zany deliciousness in North Hobart, Tasmania,

and run by Pastry Chef’s Alistair Wise and his wife Teena.

The recipes in this book are a slice in time of their expertly creative artisan produce: flaky pork and fennel sausage rolls, sticky pecan buns, the perfect croissant,

or seriously haute-couture cakes with lashings of buttery icing.

Not to mention fresh takes on classics and exquisite sweet delights that have adorned tea stands and bon bon trolleys in London and New York - and won awards there.

Throughout, Alistair and Teena share anecdotes about how each recipe

came about, revealing a refreshingly anarchic sense of humour

not usually associated with the sweet art of baking.

As Alistair and Teena would say, baking is all about organisation but it doesn’t have

to be oh-so-serious. So put your pinny on, turn the music up and get some Sweet Envy deliciousness going in your kitchen. You know you want to.....